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Vietnam - Business Visa

CLS service charges: 
$207.00 NZD

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Additional Requirements

Please review visa requirements below before making selections.

General Information


All embassy visa fees that Capital Link Services pay on your behalf incur a $6 money order purchase fee, and 2.5% credit card processing fee.

Destination Visa Type Visa Required Processing Time
Vietnam Business Yes 7 working days

You must send your physical passport- copies cannot be used for visa issuance. Your passport's expiration date must be greater than six months from the date you plan to depart the country you intend to work in and must contain at least 2 adjacent blank pages. Foreign passport holders (i.e. not Australian or N.Z.) must submit an immigration residency permit showing at least two years of residency.

Passport-Style Photographs
You must provide passport photographs that meet Passport Photograph Regulations Recently taken, showing current appearance with a white background.

Visa Requirements
Please ensure that this form is fully filled - Please ensure that it is signed and dated at the bottom and that if a question does not apply to you please ensure that you write 'not applicable'

Step 1
Contact with their Vietnamese sponsor(s)/business partner(s) and requests them to arrange the visa authorisation for the applicant from the Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security. To this end, the applicant should advise their Vietnamese sponsor(s)/business partner(s) of the following information:
- Full name
- Date and place of birth
- Nationality (previous and present)
- Passport number and type, dates of issue and expiry of the passport
- Proposed dates of entry into and exit from Vietnam
- Type of visa requires (single/double/multiple)
- The Vietnamese mission from where the applicant would collect the visa

Step 2
Obtain the confirmation from the Vietnamese sponsor(s)/business partner(s) about the visa authorisation 

Step 3
Complete the application form with duly pasted passport size photo, please ensure that you note the visa authorisation number

Itinerary is also requested.

Once you purchase our services online, you will be prompted to download your visa application documents. These documents include the application form, visa check-list and detailed information regarding the visa process. Once you have prepared all the necessary documents, send them to the CLS office and we look after everything else!

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