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South African Police Clearance Certificate

CLS service charges: 
$264.50 NZD

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Additional Requirements

Please review visa requirements below before making selections.

General Information

South African Police Clearance Certificate 

  • Complete the attached form, following all instructions
  • copy of the details page of your passport or identity document, 
  • A full set of fingerprints taken by your local Police Service.
  • Any female applicant wishing to have the certificate must indicate both their maiden and married names and must also include a certified copy of their marriage certificate. CLS can assist you with this. Please contact us for more information
  • A fee of ZAR 114.00 must be paid electronically to the bank details indicated below. Please be advised that the payment must be made payable at ABSA Bank. 
  • Please print the electronic payment receipt and include a copy with your application. 

Please organise all the required information, including a copy of the electronic bank transfer of ZAR114.00 (per applicant) , finger prints obtainable from a local police station, residential details and your last employer’s name and address in South Africa. If you were not employed in South Africa this needs to be stated on your application and any other forms required to be completed. Place all these documents into an express post, or registered mail (preferably something that can be tracked), and send to the following address: 

Capital Link Services Pty Ltd

Level 4, 369 Queen Street,

Auckland 1010,

New Zealand

PH: 09 3068900

Once we receive your documents we shall send them to South Africa. Please note that the process of having a police clearance certificate issued takes between six to nine weeks. We monitor the status of the application from one month after it has been submitted, and once we are informed that your certificate is ready we shall collect it from the South African Police Service and have it sent back to New Zealand. Once your certificate arrives in our office we shall contact you to let you know we are sending it to you. 

Once you buy your Police Clearance online, you will be prompted to download your forms and check list with every piece of information you need . Once you have completed this information, you pass it back to us at the CLS office, and we look after everything else!

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